Charlotte Sharman

Primary School

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Curriculum Intent

The curriculum is designed to provide children with a broad education equipping them with the knowledge, aptitudes and skills they require to learn and live a full and productive life within their community, regardless of the social and economic circumstances of their neighbourhoods, the ethnicity of our pupils, the language spoken at home and most special educational needs or disabilities. 


Charlotte Sharman's Curriculum plan takes its fundamental objectives from the National Curriculum and also provides opportunities that make up the wider curriculum resulting in a vibrant and highly enriched curriculum. 


Placing London and its landmarks at the centre of our curriculum enables our learners to develop a sense of place and how they fit into the world whilst using it as a launchpad in creating life-long thinkers who are able to explore and discuss big ideas. 


The teaching of British Values underpins the curriculum and is embedded in P.S.H.E, Citizenship, R.E and whole school assemblies.