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Welcome to the Governors' section.





Appointments Governor Start Date End date  
Maureen Gabbidon Chair/Authority 13/11/19 13/11/23  
Mr Andrew May Headteacher 01/09/16    
Silvia Murray Parent 29/11/16 28/11/20  
Mike Woollacott Partnership 21/10/13 20/10/17  
Charlotte Smith Partnership 15/05/17 14/05/21  
Victoria Leak Staff 08/06/16 07/06/20  
Nicola Metcalfe Associate 01/09/16 17/10/20  
Alasdair Wilson Co-opted 01/09/17 01/09/21  
Catherine Poust Co-opted 09/07/19 09/07/23  
Sarah Peppiatt Parent      


First Committee (Complaints, Grievances, Pupil Discipline, Reorganisation, Staff Capability, Staff Discipline)  
Maureen Gabbidon  

Silvia Murray

Andrew May

Mike Woolacott

Charlotte Smith  
Victoria Leak  
Nicola Metcalfe  
Alasdair Wilson  
Catherine Poust  



Headteacher's Performance Management  
Maureen Gabbidon   
Charlotte Smith   


Pay Review Appeal  
Mr Mike Wollacott  
Ms Silvia Murray  



Andrew May

Mike Woollacott  
Maureen Gabbidon  
Alasdair Wilson  



Standards and Performance Committee  

Andrew May

Charlotte Smith (Chair)  
Catheirne Poust  
Silvia Murray  
Sarah Peppiatt  
Maureen Gabbidon  




Leadership Maureen Gabbidon
Numeracy Mr Mike woollacott
SEND Charlotte Smith
Safeguarding Maureen Gabbidon 
Curriculum  Catherine Poust 
Data  Alasdair Wilson


Governors Meetings 




Standards and Performance Committee


Resources Committee



Thursday 3rd October 2019/Wednesday 15th January 2020/Thursday 23rd April 2020


Thursday 26th September 2019/Wednesday 27th February 2020/Wednesday 20th May

Full Governors Meeting


Wednesday 10th July 2019/Wednesday 13th November 2019/Wednesday 11th March 2020/Tuesday 30th June



Governors who are no longer in post (previous 12 months)


Amanda Torpey  


Attendance for Full Governing Body and Committee meetings