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School Day Procedures

The School Day


The School gate opens at 8.45am for children to go straight into class, the bell rings at 8.55am for children still arriving at school.  Children are then in their classrooms as soon as possible ready to start their day.  The gate then closes at 9am all people entering or exiting the school should do so through the LODGE.


  Start Finish                                                                          




8.45am  Children are then taken to class

ALL Day Nursery 9am 3.30pm  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
EYFS and KS1    
Morning 9am 12pm
Afternoon 1pm 3.30pm



Morning 9am 12.30pm
Afternoon 1.30pm 3.30pm


Nursery children must be accompanied to class by a Parent or other responsible adult and must be met at the end of each session.


We advise Parents of Reception and Years 1 and 2 that they be brought to and met from school by their Parents or other responsible adults.  Key Stage 2 children in Years 5 & 6 may come to school unaccompanied, but please be aware that we are surrounded by busy roads.  CHILDREN'S SAFETY, ON THE WAY TO AND FROM SCHOOL IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF PARENTS AND CARERS.


Children should not arrive at school before 8.45am unless attending breakfast club.  Adults waiting to collect children at the end of the day should remain in the playground until their child/ren comes out to meet them.