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Year 5

The Year 5  team are:-


Miss L Fawcitt

Mrs L Bailey

Miss R Bagnall 

Welcome to Year 5

Summer 1 'We are Historians'

This half term you will be learning about the Second World War and the impact it had on the world, our country and our city. You will gain knowledge about a variety of real life experiences using: stories; information texts; a visit to the Imperial War Museum and through lots of other interesting tasks and activities. 


Here are the books that you will be reading: 






History KS2 | World War Two | Britain declares war on Germany | BBC Teach

Watch this short film which helps to explain the events that led to Britain declaring war on Germany in 1939.

An evacuee's adventure | History - Children of World War Two

Betty lived in Cardiff, Wales, during the war and was evacuated to Aberdare, a town in the Welsh countryside. She retraces the journey and describes what it was like to leave home, live with a different family, and attend a different school.

Living through air raids | History - Children of World War Two

We meet Alan and his grand-daughter Isabel. Alan lived in north London during the Second World War and was in his home when the neighbour's house suffered a direct hit.

Year 5 - Maths homework 

We are focusing on developing our knowledge of statistics. Here are some mini video lessons to to support you with your Easter holiday 2022 maths homework. 

Interpret charts

Comparison sum and difference

Introducing line graphs

Read and interpret line graphs

Year 5 Spellings Homework Summer 2022

Year 5 - Spellings Homework Spring 2022

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