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Mathematics Curriculum


     At Charlotte Sharman we understand the importance of mathematics in everyday life; it is critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and required in most forms of employment. A high quality mathematics curriculum , therefore, provides a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject. Charlotte Sharman’s mathematics mission statement is as follows: 

  • At Charlotte Sharman, we believe that all pupils can achieve. Armed with this belief we teach our curious and flexible learners through practical activities, discussion and problem solving.

  • We use a CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach which allows all children to become mentally fluent with numbers, keen pattern spotters and resilient problem solvers. They learn through the use of manipulatives, representations and images. 

  • We understand that Maths is not always about the final answer but the journey there and the discoveries made. Mistakes are a great source of learning and the environment created in all maths lessons ensures children are risk-takers in their own learning; using the mistakes to further their understanding.

  • Children will be competent with number, whether using manipulatives, representations or digits themselves within the application of real life contexts, using appropriate mathematical language when explaining and reasoning

  • As a school, we set high aspirational goals and provide the environment and scaffolds for all to achieve within lessons, developing deep mathematical understanding by taking small steps in all concepts. 

  • Children at Charlotte Sharman enjoy maths