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Year 5

The Year 5  team are:-


Miss L Fawcitt

Mrs L Bailey

Instructions on how to log in to your Charlotte Sharman Google Account and access Google Classroom

Using email and other features on Google Classroom

Year 5


The Year 5 activities below are view only on this website but can be accessed as interactive assignments on Google Classroom. If completed on Google Classroom, they will be marked by the teacher and feedback will be given. 
This half term our whole school theme is 'We are Scientists'. We are learning about Earth and space in Year 5. 

Planets activity and poster

Read the fact cards about planets and using clues from the cards, order the planets from closest to farthest from the sun. Helpful hint: read about how many miles each planet is from the sun if you don't know already.  Design a poster, on paper, by drawing the planets in order, label them and colour them in. Add some facts about each planet using the fact cards - you can choose what you think are the most interesting facts. We can create a display in the classroom with all your fantastic work!

Year 5 Spellings homework 

Autumn 2 2020

Year 5 Autumn half term homework

Year 5 Spellings homework 

Autumn 1 2020