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Year 5

The Year 5  team are:-


Miss L Fawcitt

Mrs L Bailey

Instructions on how to log in to your Charlotte Sharman Google Account and access Google Classroom

Using email and other features on Google Classroom

Year 5


Any activities below are view only on this website but can be accessed as interactive assignments on Google Classroom. When completed on Google Classroom, they will be marked by the teacher and feedback will be given. 

This half term our whole school theme is 'We are Artists'.


Following government advice, we are learning remotely so please check Google Classroom for daily lessons.

SPELLING GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION ACTIVITIES - you might not be able to fully interact with the presentations if you are using a tablet or smartphone. The best way to access is using a desktop or laptop where possible.

Christmas Maths Activity - Do you want to build a snowman?

Here is a video activity to complete. You will need some paper and a pencil for your working out.
Play the video and it will instruct you to pause it and 'have a think' - this means you can attempt the question.
When you have, continue playing the video to see the explanation of how to solve the problem.
You can then check your solution to see if you were correct. Read the question a few times to ensure you understand what you need to solve.
If you aren't sure, watch the explanation and then go back to the question again to see if you can solve it independently.
Hope you enjoy!

Super Scientists - Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock


Here is some information and a quiz to complete about a super scientist,

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock. Even as a small child she was fascinated with outer space and fulfilled her dream to become a space scientist. Find out more about her by clicking on the links and complete the quiz to test your knowledge afterwards. 

Planets activity and poster

Read the fact cards about planets and using clues from the cards, order the planets from closest to farthest from the sun. Helpful hint: read about how many miles each planet is from the sun if you don't know already.  Design a poster, on paper, by drawing the planets in order, label them and colour them in. Add some facts about each planet using the fact cards - you can choose what you think are the most interesting facts. We can create a display in the classroom with all your fantastic work!

Year 5 Spellings homework 

Autumn 2 2020

Year 5 Autumn half term homework

Year 5 Spellings homework 

Autumn 1 2020