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Year 6 School Journey to Abderdovey January 2019

Pictures of Year 6 School Journey to Aberdovey 2019

Power boat to the beach!

We designed our own national park

Today we travelled to the sand dunes by power boat.

Ready for a day hiking!

Our first 5 out of 5 for room inspection!

We went gorge walking today (sliding down and through a number of waterfalls - no pics unfortunately because phone would have drowned) and then to the beach for some team building exercises & a lesson in skimming stones. They weren’t successful. Evening of more team building exercises, dinner and an early bed.

Off to explore a big gorge.

More pictures

We climbed up (and down) a mountain today and then walked up the gorge this evening. The kids have been developing their communication skills really well and encouraging each other when faced with challenges!

We went for a walk through a quarry, over a very large hill and down te otherside. We had to navigate some large bodies of water & build shelters out of natural resources in a woodland environment. This evening we took part in a blind 'nightline' in the pitch dark. Navigating an assault course as a team, focusing on our communication skills.

Ready for a day hiking!

Photographs received 15/01/19

Exploring an on site gorge!