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What is a DASH paragraph?


Description - of the setting or scene or item

Action - a list of related things happening

Speech - what someone would say and how

How -  character(s) feelings

? - a question to draw in the reader


Here's an example

A dreamlike dawn broke behind the house.  Dark, ominous clouds hovered menacingly in the sky.  The house stood lifeless as death itself.  Crows cawed in the nearby trees, branches creaked and, from inside the house, a murmur echoed.

"Come here, come here...come here," called the soft voices.

With a shiver, Jacey looked across the garden.  Fluttering, her heart beat faster.  Though she had be told to stay away, she wanted to investigate.  Should she go closer?  Would her mother even know if she did? 


This is a suggestion to help.  You can write your paragraph how you think best.


Please hand in your writing to your teacher or online by sharing it or emailing it to them (name it WHWN - with your name).


Best of luck.